AirOK is an air quality sensing, monitoring and real time alerting product which has applications in industries, storage, transportation, offices, indoor spaces, ambient outdoor spaces, smart cities and automobiles.

The AirOK Device captures air quality parameters like Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5, PM10, SOx, NOx, O3, VOCs as per device and environment sensors specification.

The real time values are uploaded to cloud using a wireless communication/GSM or ethernet based LAN network.

The operator can define safe operating ranges using a companion application using mobile and get alerted if sensor detects parameters outside predefined range.

The Alert indicator on the panel blinks in case of alert situation

Email/SMS are configured to alert the stakeholders.

Reports for given date, duration for sensors values can be downloaded along with trends.



Indoor Air Quality in homes, offices


Industrial shop floors like pharmaceuticals, process industry, chemical industry


Air Quality inside car cabins, bus cabins, railway coaches


Air Quality monitoring inside hospitals, ICU, common areas


Ambient Air Quality monitoring in cities, gated community, Industrial cluster


Transportation trucks, cold storage, ware houses, food industry